Kristin Daley, Ph.D.

Year Graduated: 
(2010, Clinical concentration)
Current Position: 
Private practice, BASE Cognitive-Behavioral
UNC Charlotte Advisor: 
Dr. Gil-Rivas
Counseling and Psychological Services, Western Carolina University (NC)
Impressions and Experiences in the Health Psychology Program: 
I was extremely grateful for the wide range of training opportunities that were available during my time at UNCC. I felt that my advisor cared deeply about the quality of my work, and always pushed me hard enough to pull the very best out of me. The courses were very interesting, and provided a firm foundation for my psychological practice. Although I always knew that I would be a clinician, I appreciated the challenges of completing original research for my dissertation.
Did my first two post-doctoral years as a sleep psychologist at Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates.