General Health Psychology program

The General Health Psychology (GHP) program emphasizes both basic and applied research examining the biological, psychological, behavioral, social, cultural, and environmental correlates of health and illness. It is ideal for students interested in the experimental or differential study of the various determinants and consequences of health related behavior, decision making, and health outcomes in non-clinical contexts and populations. Consistent with the interdisciplinary nature of the program at UNCC, we encourage members to incorporate multiple perspectives from psychology's diverse specialties to create a more coherent understanding of health issues. This philosophy is operationalized in the nature of our faculty who come from a diverse array of subfields including social psychology, cognitive science, differential psychology, physiological psychology, and organizational communications.

 Training for students enrolled in the GHP program focuses on the development of strong research and data-analytic skills. From the first semester, students are expected to be actively engaged in research, and continue this engagement throughout their graduate career. Students graduating from this program are well suited for careers concerning the design and conduct of research in academic, medical, health, governmental, and corporate settings. For more information on program specific coursework and degree requirements, click here.

For more information about the program or the type of research conducted by GHP faculty, please see Research in General Health Psychology, or contact any of the core GHP program faculty listed below.


Dr. Sara Levens;; Psychological Science

Core Faculty

Dr. Erin Basinger;; Communication Studies

Dr. Jeanette M. Bennett;; Psychological Science

Dr. Mark Faust;; Psychological Science

Dr. Alexia Galati;; Psychological Science

Dr. Jane Gaultney;; Psychological Science

Dr. Susan Johnson;; Psychological Science

Dr. Doug Markant;; Psychological Science

Dr. Erika Montanaro;;  Psychological Science

Dr. Charlie L. Reeve;; Psychological Science

Dr. Shannon Sullivan;; Philosophy

Affiliate Faculty

Dr. Lyndon Abrams;; Counseling

Dr. Joanne Carman;; Political Science and Public Administration

Dr. Maren Coffman;; Nursing

Dr. Margaret M. Quinlan;; Communication Studies