(2020, General Concentration)
Associate Professor of Psychology, College of Coastal Georgia
(2011, General concentration)
(2022, Clinical Concentration)
Postdoctoral Fellow at U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Orlando, Florida
(2020, Clinical Concentration)
Research Project Coordinator, Evaluation of the Preparing for Life Programme, Geary Institute and Lecturer at Northern Arizona University
(2011, Community concentration)
(2019, Clinical Concentration)
(2022, Clinical Concentration)
Lecturer, Psychology Department at UNC Charlotte beginning July 2015
(2015, General Concentration)
Postdoctoral Fellow in Implementation Science
(2017, Clinical Concentration)
(2022, Clinical Concentration)
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Loyola University, Maryland
(2014, Clinical concentration)
Psychology Instructor at Durham Technical Community College and Vëndr the app – User Experience Research & Development Airahm Inc.
(2015, General concentration)