Diversity Committee

Health Psychology Diversity Committee

Our diversity and inclusion committee is comprised of faculty and students from all program concentrations who are dedicated to advancing equity, dignity, and social justice within our program and the wider community. Our members are engaged in a wide array of research and applied specialties relating to diversity and multiculturalism. We meet regularly to reflect upon current community needs and student opportunities, and to engage in conversations regarding new and innovative ways to advance our mission statement. Our principal values include student leadership, collaborative partnership, and social responsibility. We encourage active participation and feedback from both current and new members of the committee to generate new ideas and solutions, and welcome new members in order to advance our understanding of the cultural climate of our program. To engage the larger program community in our efforts, we take an active role in communicating our progress during our monthly program meetings. Additionally, students and faculty often participate in community events including marches, volunteer events, and advocacy work centered around diversity and inclusion in the Charlotte community, and nationally.

Our diversity and inclusion committee specifically focuses on:
– Ways to foster inclusion and diversity within the program
– Program’s engagement in community activities geared to advancing diversity, tolerance, and inclusion
– Examining the effectiveness of our efforts to improve programmatic diversity, inclusion, and community

Committee members:

To contact the Diversity & Inclusion committee, please email send an email to diversityuncc@gmail.com or contact one of the members listed above.