Teaching of Psychology Program

Training and experience in teaching can strengthen graduates’ applications for academic positions. The Graduate School offers the course Teaching at the College or University Level (GRAD 8011) for students interested in teaching. This course will prepare students to teach a lower level (1000 or 2000 level) undergraduate course as the instructor of record under the supervision of a Health Psychology faculty member. Students are eligible for independent teaching if: 1) they have successfully completed GRAD 8011-001); 2) demonstrated excellence as a teaching assistant; 3) have successfully completed their qualifying project; and 4) are in good standing in the program (i.e., not on probation). Applications for teaching experiences for the academic year including the following summer can be obtained by submitting the completed Request for Independent Teaching Form (see Appendix) to the Director of the Health Psychology Program at the beginning of the fall semester of the year teaching experiences are sought. Students are required to be enrolled in the Teaching Practicum course (PSYC 8223) during the semester of their first solo teaching assignment. Students will be evaluated for effectiveness during their independent teaching experience. Student assignment to independent teaching will be based on course availability and interest match. Please note that the availability of undergraduate courses for independent teaching by Ph.D. students is limited. Priority will be given to those students who have not previously conducted independent teaching.